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Bucks County, Pennsylvania is one of America's most scenic and historic regions. With beautiful rolling hills, farms, covered bridges, and charming small towns, it has long been a destination for those seeking a glimpse into bygone days. While the area is currently experiencing the scourges of Suburban Sprawl, it has still retained much of its bucolic character.

This screensaver contains 50 color and black & white photographs showing various scenes throughout the County. It is available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and is available as a free download.

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To install this screen saver, double click on the screen saver installer icon and then choose "Install". You may also preview this screensaver first by choosing the "Run" button.

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To uninstall this screensaver, go to the Control Panel and choose "Add/Remove Programs", find the screensaver and click on the "Change/Remove" button.

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The screen saver is provided "as is" and no guarantee is made as to its function or any problems that occur as a result of its use. All photos are copyright 2004 David Hanauer and are not to be reproduced or redistributed without permission from the author. All rights reserved.


There is no warranty for this program.

Version History:

Version 1.0:


Some of the photographs included in this screensaver were edited by B. Jefferson Le Blanc, of WhiteDog Enterprises, who provides services such as:

Before editing
After editing
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If you are having problems or have any issues or concerns, please contact the author. If you like the photographs, I'd love to hear about it!

Send e-mail to David Hanauer: hanauer@umich.edu

This program can be found at http://www.SuperMagnus.com

September, 2004